360 Online Marketing | 5 Foolproof tips for writing the Perfect Clickbait captions
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5 Foolproof tips for writing the Perfect Clickbait captions

14 Nov 5 Foolproof tips for writing the Perfect Clickbait captions

Ah…Clickbait. The internet both loves and loathes you. Yet no savvy marketer can deny [no, not even the staff here at 360 Online] that smartly used, relevant and snappy clickbait-style captions can be a valuable marketing tool for getting attention and increasing your click through rate.

Data strongly suggests that well worded headlines and captions do make a difference in the viral impact of a story. These are often the very first parts of a story your audience interacts with, and ‘boring’ headlines and captions simply don’t attract the click that would show the reader that the article itself is worth gold. Sad, perhaps, but a challenge for marketers to adapt to. So, how do you really create compelling ‘clickbait’ captions?
Showcase the value of the content
No vagueness, no ambiguity. Tell the reader clearly what is in the topic. Ask yourself the key question- why, if I were the audience, would I read this rather than another article on this topic? Define the value the content has for the consumer, and showcase it right there in the heading.
2. Numbers and facts get attention
Data shows that headlines and captions using numbers get more shares than those without. This is partly why the ‘list article’ format has risen to such prominence worldwide. Avoid ambiguous concepts like ‘save time’ and opt instead for ‘save an hour each day’- which handily drops both a number and a firm ‘fact’ into your headline in one! You’ll soon see a rise in responding traffic.
3. Tell a story- and don’t forget to deliver!
Capture your audience’s curiosity. Feed their imagination. Use their psychological triggers. It’s difficult to click away from or ignore something that’s already piqued your need to know. However, be sure to deliver too- we’ve all been aggravated by spammy links that get us interested only to click through page after page of garbage with no hint of the story we wanted. Pay careful attention to the words you use in case they mislead- for example, the word ‘template’ generates an expectation that their will be something to download, and the customer may feel slighted if it’s simply words on a page.
4. Give prominence to the keyword
Your users don’t want to sit with a page of google results trying to puzzle out how they’re relevant to what they searched for. Make sure the targeted keyword is right there in your catch clickbait headline, so their eye is drawn straight to your offering.

5. Use catchy action words
It’s also been proven that catchy, action-orientated words attract and keep attention. Make sure these are words your intended audience would use. Of course, this means the associated demographic research with your intended audience is critical- you have to know who’s out there engaging with you. Use proven powerful words, and their action-inspiring partners to bring key traffic to your site.

Writing the perfect clickbait caption or headline isn’t as hard as you may think, with a little guidance and help from the 360 Online team.