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31 Jul How to get LinkedIn and not luck out…

The users and contributors of the B2B market are all wearing their professional hats on LinkedIn and this is exactly why the platform is an outstanding resource for reaching the this segment. They are constructively searching for ways to make their companies relevant, their chosen...

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17 Apr Targeting Twitter Talking

A missed opportunity is still an opportunity  Have you ever thought of the perfect comeback or witty retort way after the moment has passed? Has it so happened that you were pitching unbelievable ideas in a business brainstorming session, only to lose your train of thought...

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17 Apr The Daily Show owns Content Marketing

Another Noah with a huge task at hand The news of Jon Stewart’s intention to leave the Daily Show was met by most with shock, fear and disappointment. But the identity of his replacement was made public to us “Saffas”, we felt totally at ease while...

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10 Feb Marketing in the moment

It has never been more important for brands to market in the moment. With the evolution of digital devices (tablets, smartphones) and social channels (especially Twitter) the new playing field has made it essential for brands to create real-time content and deliver it with impact. Marketing...

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01 Feb How to effectively use Facebook in 2015

We all know how Facebook loves to tease and challenge us with their algorithms. The latest algorithm change in 2014 saw our Facebook posts reach dwindle even further but instead of throwing in the ‘status update’ and deleting your Facebook page you need to remember what...

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