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In conjunction with Twitter SA 360 Conversations recently launched a new concept in targeted conversation advertising. Media houses have been delivering media schedules using print and radio but now advertisers can target a conversation on Twitter and deliver a message or series of conversational messaging to draw the conversation into their brand or offering.

Targeting conversation through Twitter enables marketers to deliver Promoted Tweets directly to these Twitter users to build upon their marketing strategy.

Via proprietary technology, we analyse conversations on Twitter to identify people that have tweeted about or engaged with specific keyword or event over a period. We then apply sophisticated logic to determine when combinations of keywords driven by the conversation or an event is happening on Twitter. This logic allows brands to reach and engage with an audience.

The end result is a broad set of targetable users who have engaged with specific event or set of keywords, which allows brands to be relevant with marketing messages in new and dynamic ways.


Why South African businesses should use Twitter to drive their messaging to a targeted audience.


Twitter   5.5 million users across South Africa

Twitter   61 % users access Twitter daily

Twitter   85 % access Twitter via a mobile device


During the last Rugby World Cup held in New Zealand and Australia, there were 100 Million impressions world wide.



For the Super Rugby Champions in 2014. There were 73 000 mentions which had a reach of 654 million impressions. 50% of the mentions where on Match Day.


We can help you target these conversations.


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