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Hot tourism trends your digital marketing team need to know about

05 Feb Hot tourism trends your digital marketing team need to know about

There’s no industry more competitive than tourism- and when it comes to the digital marketing world, that competition amps up even more. How do you make your brand stick out in this crowded arena? Zebra 360 Online is here to help!

Up close and personal

Unsurprisingly, keeping it personal remains the go-to marketing strategy for tourism this year. Consumers are exposed to a ridiculous number of advertisements per day- you will only stand out if you’ve used your consumer data to properly target and segment your advertising so it’s visible to the right people. Some savvy hotels have even taken to personalising the guest booking experience to drive those numbers higher! It’s worth noting that the global upswing in mobile messaging has been huge. Snapchat, Messenger and WhatsApp lead the market, so it’s a great idea to consider harnessing their power to drive leads and sales, as well as make customer service simpler.

The best advertising content for marketing in 2018

More surprisingly, video’s lead when considering the best content to use for your business. Not only does data from the Digital Marketing Institute suggest that video content drives the best ROI, general trends support the idea that consumers want to see more of this type of marketing this year. It is, after all, a very powerful tool, allowing you to tell your own story effectively as well as form lasting relationships with your customers. Opt for savvy use of Youtube channels, or even hosting video content on your own page, to harness its power for yourself.

What platforms best suit tourism digital marketing this year?

Instagram remains a powerful force in the social media marketing world this year, especially for the tourism industry, allowing you to showcase the experience waiting for your clients beautifully. Over the board, brands tend to see fantastic engagement on Instagram, possibly a symptom of our visual driven natures. Perhaps surprisingly, LinkedIn follows hot on it’s heels, with a refreshed UI and improved advertising functionality stealing some of Twitter’s lagging marketing share, making it a great choice of B2B advertising all around.

Can you go AI?

Artificial Intelligence technologies are on the rise, enabling you to harness the browsing behaviour of your potential clients in your marketing efforts. Fortunately, they’re also now vastly more affordable for the average businees. Use them to enhance pay-per-click ads, boost your social media and personalise the experience your guests have from start to finish. There’s also the time saving aspect of chatbots to consider, too.

As a digital marketing leader, Zebra 360 Online can vouch for all of these proven and effective tourism marketing strategies for the new year. Is it time to shake up your advertising and make your brand the best it can be?