360 Online Marketing | How we work
We are a full service Online Marketing agency with representation in all the major cities in South Africa
Online marketring, digital marketing, social media marketing, internet marketing,
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How we work

At the start of any online marketing campaign, 360 Online fulfills a thorough analysis looking into the type and variety of content needed to seed and disseminate any information. We do this using a simple, yet effective, method displayed in the diagram below.

By ensuring that our content first speaks to the correct audience with an accurate message and clear, measurable objectives, we begin the process of sharing this information.

Through a process of selecting engaged online influencers, we work towards creating discussion around a campaign and encouraging the participation of a wider audience in the campaign. By creating meaningful connections online, we form loyal bonds between the brand we represent and the online communities we build around them.

By creating great content and publishing it on the appropriate platforms, we are able to use our relationships with online influencers to promote a campaign and monitor it while it grows. A final analysis of the campaign’s reach and effectiveness form part of moving forward and enhancing future campaigns for a brand.