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Instagram is undoubtedly a trending platform for anyone on social media. Topping well over 800 million international users, there’s likely a strong percentage of your own customers in there too – waiting to hear from you! However, it’s rumoured to be a difficult platform to conquer, and chances are it’s some of these myths that are putting you off embracing Instagram for your digital marketing efforts.

Never fear, Zebra 360 Online is here to debunk the myths, and help you get started harnessing the power of this amazing platform for your brand!

You need to be really artistic

Our favourite myth we NEED to bust: The platform is only for professional photographers, right? WRONG!

The platform has a clearly visual nature, but it’s not ONLY professionals who can create eye-catching feeds. Creativity not a skill you possess? Do you have the artistic eye of a toddler? Outsourcing your content creation is a strong option, but today a decent smartphone and a few cool photo-editing apps is all that’s standing between you and a smoking hot InstaFeed. There’re even stock-photo websites that can pad your content when you’re feeling totally uninspired, where it’s really not happening for you.

It needs SO much time

If there’s anything you don’t have enough of, it’s likely time. If you’re groaning at the mere thought of adding another time-consuming social media platform to your day, then think again! Of course, there’s no reward without effort – content creation & building up your audience are going to take a little time. That said, smart curation, post scheduling and a little forethought are all you need to drastically slash the investment required. Set yourself a proper workflow – there is several good free Instagram schedulers that can help – and a solid plan for content creation, scheduling and posting, and you’ll barely notice the time you take… but you sure will notice those rewards as they roll in.

Strategy isn’t the nature of the platform

Instagram is no longer just the world’s arty diary. It’s a hub for businesses to share content and communicate in a meaningful way with their clients. Strategies are always going to have a place in that environment- after all, even successful artists have to strategize a little! That doesn’t mean sacrificing authenticity, either. Yes, you will need a plan if you’re to meet your marketing goals, but that doesn’t make you a corporate sell out.

Sales conversion isn’t strong on Instagram

Nope! This wrong’s wrong, too. Sure, Instagram only lets you link one URL to your profile, but it still has value to drive your traffic. Instagram is more about the brand awareness aspect of marketing – but there’s nothing saying you can’t drive people to your brand?! Use smart, short & punch, action-orientated captions to draw people into your brand’s content. You can even use 3rd party apps to allow for a shoppable feed. There’s a lot of options open to you for driving sales through Instagram if you just think out the box a little.

I can’t track Instagram performance

Well, half-true. It used to be difficult (not impossible) to monitor Instagram as an analytics fundie –  but times have a changed. Instagram business profiles let you know how things are flowing with a simple click, right within the native app. Track by demographics, action, post reach and oh, so much more – it’s right there waiting for you. There’s also, of course, a host of 3rd party analytics tools to give you even more valuable insight into your business performance.

Don’t let those who mumble dire warnings about Instagram put you off – they just want the marketing space for themselves! The platform caters to humanity’s visual-driven nature, giving you a host of unique tools to help drive and convert sales, publicize your business and communicate meaningfully with your consumers.

If you’d like some help getting started, feel free to reach out to Zebra 360 Online today, so we can plan your Instagram marketing together.