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Microblogs- short in length, not in influence

08 Jan Microblogs- short in length, not in influence

Bloggers have risen in prestige and influence as the barriers between ‘celebrity’ and ‘social media star’ have crumbled away. From the unnamed back-room staff and ghostwriters who shape the very personalities of your favourite brands, to the newly-worshipped trendsetters whose opinions can make or break your chances of prestige with their adoring fans, there’s whole new avenues of influence opening up in the world of advertising. Increasingly, too, the lines between ‘real life’ and those adverts are blurring, leaving a particularly interesting minefield for shoppers and brands alike to navigate. Of course, that’s why you have Zebra 360 Online to guide you!

Enter the microblog to muddy these same water further, however. As opposed to the traditional blog, microblogs come as a combination of blogging and instant messaging, making short and snappy messages designed to be shared online. Twitter, of course, epitomises this form of short and snappy online presentation, but microblogs can be anything from audio and video media to hyperlinks and images. It’s little surprise that this approach has risen in popularity in a world where we want faster communication and more information, all accessible at our own leisure.

There’s a good few advantages to this innovative approach to content sharing, too. It takes considerably less time and research then a traditional blog or campaign, meaning less time spent on individual content pieces and more opportunity to engage your audience. You also have the chance to post more frequently, upping the chances of native engagement on platforms which value the appearance of constant business. Likewise, it’s the perfect format to keep customers updated and share time-sensitive or otherwise urgent information and promotions. It also has the advantage of fitting mobile platforms aswell, and providing a direct and simplistic way to engage with consumers and target audiences.

While not a perfect approach for every campaign or product, microblogging has come to occupy a valuable niche in the social promotion toolbox, making it one of Zebra 360 Online’s favourite tools for social media engagement.