360 Online Marketing | Our Methodology
We are a full service Online Marketing agency with representation in all the major cities in South Africa
Online marketring, digital marketing, social media marketing, internet marketing,
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Our Methodology

We believe in an integrated marketing approach, which can be defined as the development of strategies, campaigns and messaging that weave together multiple marketing disciplines and channels, with the aim of providing consistency to maximising their impact.

Your website design, branding and online visitor experience need to be integrated with all your other brand communications.

Don’t rely on Google to build your audience, unless you take control of your brand distribution then your brand will forever be left to cyberspace, nobody will find you and no one will engage with you.

Marketing is entering a new phase that transcends the mere coordination of messages across digital and physical channels. In this era of integrated online marketing, you will need to “present a unified image” and “have a consistent voice” to engage and involve consumers in a continuous brand experience.