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Social media marketing and you- the future of your marketing focus

14 Dec Social media marketing and you- the future of your marketing focus

It’s tempting to see social media as just another fad- or something belonging to a different generation then your target audience. The truth is, however, it’s an essential marketing strategy for any business no matter your size, and should be an integral part of any sensible marketing plan- and Zebra 360 Online are here to show you exactly why.

Modern marketing has evolved drastically, and in a very short period of time. There’s little wonder it can seem confusing at times. Customers now expect to have easy access to your brand and access communication channels in ways that simply weren’t available even ten years ago.

Additionally, what used to be a one-way stream [think print ads and newsletters] has now turned into a

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two way conversation. The rise of social media as a marketing strategy hasn’t only benefited the consumer, however- companies are now able to get critical data on their consumers in non-intrusive ways, leaving them better able to meet the needs of their market and explore new directions for their products, leaving no potential market untapped. Not only that, but you can reach those new markets easily in ways that were only dreamt of a few years ago, expanding awareness of your brand at the click of a button.

Modern social media platforms encompass a vast range of people- all your potential audience and clients- and you can now reach them in impactful ways at less cost to your company. Moreover, they allow you to build a genuine relationship with consumers. Previously, you’d only hear from your consumers when something went wrong- now you can foster real communication with your ‘fans’, letting each consumer know that you genuinely care about them and their experience with your products. As they say, word of mouth is the best advertising- and with the right social media marketing strategy, you’ll have eager mouths ready to sing your praises with little effort from yourself.

Shareable content has also revolutionized marketing as we used to know it. People happily share content that’s meaningful and relevant to them, interesting your target audience and subtly marketing your brand in the process.

Marketing has become a two-way game of real, in-depth interaction with your consumers. Without a solid social media marketing strategy, your brand will quickly lose ground to those willing to reach out and interact with their consumers. If you’d like help crafting the perfect marketing campaign for your brand, be sure to get in touch with Zebra 360 Online today.