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Tell a good story to sell a good product

15 Jan Tell a good story to sell a good product

There’s a ton of self help strategies on the net for good social media marketing. Or maybe you use a company like Zebra 360 Online to help you navigate the shifting and sometimes treacherous world of social media trends. No matter what way you choose, it’s clear that the days where your clients were most interested in cold operational data alone have passed- they’re interested in a much more cadenced and malleable form of data today… and that’s the story you can tell [or is it sell?] them.

Bragging about profits was once the key to a successful influence pitch. Today it’s seen as vulgar, more appropriate to disliked ‘Big XYZ’ CEOs then successful and beloved businesses. Today you brag about leadership positions and company growth…anything that presents a compelling vision of your future that your shareholders, supporters and clients can buy into and believe. Needless to say, it’s critical that this story comes backed up with documentable progress towards those goals… But the story itself is now a critical component of the process. Being able to take everyone- from the crowdfunding platform you use to raise your initial capital, right through to the new target audiences for your state-of-the-art-brand and beyond- on the journey with you in a compelling and encouraging manner is what will keep you afloat and help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

There was a time when this form of storytelling would have been seen as obnoxious self-promotion. Today, telling your brands story as often and as well as possible is a critical key in moving that brand forward. Not everyone is comfortable with this form of ‘self-promotion’, of course, yet it’s now a requirement for forward growth of your company. This is where you can let Zebra 360 Online help create your marketing story with you, moving your brand forward together, telling your story authentically and with love and confidence.