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The Power of Influence…or rather, Influencers.

15 Sep The Power of Influence…or rather, Influencers.

The Power of Influence…or rather, Influencers.

There can be little doubt that the future of retail is online. More and more, markets are fleeing the brick-and-mortar store in preference of online presences, and physical stores seem doomed to become outlets to fit and handle the goods people will eventually purchase online.

Which introduces a new dynamic to the market- who do you trust, when you’re purchasing a product you haven’t seen yourself? Sure, some people do make a point of trekking off to stores to ‘see’ the goods before they buy… but many don’t. And how do you evaluate a service, a non-tangible? Whose advice do you follow?

Enter the Influencer. They may be more familiar in ‘old school’ advertising speak as a Brand Ambassador, just wearing a new face and a new set of responsibilities for a modern digital age. Influencer marketing walks a sometimes grey line between outright [and obvious] endorsement and a throw-away [subtle] mention.

Exposure’s only half the equation – advertisers want association with those who make and break trends. They want that exposure to be to the right people, those who are interested in the product and will snap it up if it comes through the right channel. By piggybacking on a personality who, though staying true to their point and message, helps drive up their exposure and associations with subtle brand promotion, they’re trying to avoid the hole all advertising seems to die in- the ‘fast forwarded commercial’. People no longer respond positively to outright advertising, tuning it out, using adblockers and more. It’s the age of the subtle ‘well, X trusts this brand, why shouldn’t I?’ advertisement.

In the same era where traditional advertising is tanking, we have an almost cult-like rise of personality, powered by platforms like Instagram and Youtube. No wonder advertisers are realising the real bucks lie with tempting the right Influencer to their cause. That personal brand represents something advertising itself no longer has- people’s attention. Even better, it’s within a targeted niche.

2017 has only seen the power of Influencers rise and rise, with the collaboration between brand and personality becoming more and more common. Now it’s time to harness the power of this branding for yourself.