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What can you do with 6 seconds?

30 Sep What can you do with 6 seconds?

What can you do with 6 seconds?

Can you sell yourself in six seconds? Marketers are going to have to learn how to if they want to stay on top of the latest video marketing trends.

YouTube has long been taking pressure for interrupting viewer’s experiences with noisy, clunky and above all long adverts… and they’ve finally taken a stand in return. Users get vexed when they’re expected to sit through 30 seconds of advert just to get to a video that’s barely any longer. Yet in this day and age, nothing is truly ‘free’- the content provider relies on the funding from those same adverts to keep offering users a good service. So what was a content provider to do?

Enter the 6 second ad. Known as ‘bumper’ ads, the idea may not be entirely novel- the concept of short and sweet advertising has been around for longer than YouTube itself, after all- but it’s a sensible one. At the moment, they’re pitching it solely as a complement to existing ad formats, rather than a replacement, and emphasising its ease of use on smartphone platforms. It appears the idea is to hatch a longer campaign, and use the bumpers as ‘top up’ reminders- unskippable ones, since the format is so short.

Great for viewers- but can advertisers rise to the challenge? Storytelling in so short a time is certainly possible, but difficult if you remain hampered by the idea of lengthy verbose words. Time to head back to the cartoon drawing board, and visualise this part of your campaign in images instead. Drill down to the very essence of what you’re trying to communicate. What is the change, the moment that will captivate and draw in the audience? Start with a core that’s simple and relatable, and aim to snag the viewer from the very first frame.

Amazing campaigns can come from this new innovation. If, that is, advertisers rise to the challenge and truly embrace the power of a short, short story.